Official Comic Book Art Covers Transformers Robots in Disguise.

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We have an amazing selection of original comic book art COVERS and interior pages from one of the top selling IDW Transformers comic books, Robots in Disguise.

Transformers Cover

Transformers Cover



These original comic book published art pages, by the talented Andrew Griffith, capture the Autobots and Deceptions in all sorts of high flying, metal crunching, road rage action. Many of the top players from this series are drawn out here in a one of a kind display. In the beginning, this series was based on Cybertron, and focused on Bumblebee’s new government, and their attempts to lead and rebuild the planet. The storyline explodes from there with twists and turns, betrayals and demise and this is truly evident from the images below. With Arcee, Prowl, Soundwave, Galvatron and many others you are sure to find some of your favourite Transformers in these original pages to add to your art collection.

Robots in Disguise #33 COVER WINDBLADE STARSCREAM,Transformers cover art 33

Robots in Disguise #2 COVER Ratbat Soundwave and Shockwave
Robots in Disguise #8 Ironhide and the Dinobots
Robots in Disguise #28 Page #1 Thundercracker Bot Mode
Robots in Disguise #28 Page #20 Galvatron, Soundwave, Devestator and other Deceptions
Robots in Disguise #31 Page 8 Prowl, Prime, Kup, and Alpha Trion’s Shttle

Robots in Disguise #32 Metroplex, BumbleBee and Prowl

Robots in Disguise #35 COVER Spike Witwicky and Prowl
Robots in Disguise #36 COVER Marissa Fairborn, Prowl, Rumble and more
Robots in Disguise #38 COVER Arcee, Prowl and Galvatron

Robots in Disguise #31 Page 20 Prime, Kup, Soundswave, Galvatron and Arcee RID Transformers Artwork


If you’re looking for summaries or reviews of these books check out the website  Comic book Round Up which covers a lot of these titles.

If your looking to read more about this series there is a lot of information found on the TFWIKI section for Robots in Disguise and then there are also the comics themselves.


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