IDW Publishing is a comic book company that has been producing some of the most unique and creative stories in the industry since its inception in 1999. With a focus on quality storytelling, innovative art, and diverse genres, IDW has quickly become a fan favorite among comic book enthusiasts worldwide.

While Image Comics focused on creator-owned comics, IDW initially aimed to publish licensed comics, and they quickly found success with titles like Transformers and G.I. Joe.

In 2005, IDW expanded its line of comics to include original content, which became the company’s main focus. This move proved to be a smart one, as IDW gained a reputation for producing some of the most creative and innovative comics in the industry. The company has published comics in a wide variety of genres, including horror, sci-fi, action-adventure, and children’s comics.

One of IDW’s most notable achievements has been its success in adapting popular media franchises into comics. For example, they have published comics based on popular TV shows like The X-Files, Doctor Who, and Star Trek, as well as video game franchises like Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. IDW has also published comics based on popular toy lines like My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
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