Maximals appeared in the 1990s in the animated series “Beast Wars: Transformers” and are known for their ability to transform into animals.

In the series, the Maximals are descendants of the Autobots, a heroic faction of robots from the original Transformers series. They are tasked with protecting the timeline of Earth’s past from the Predacons, a group of villainous robots who also have the ability to transform into animals.

The Maximals are led by Optimus Primal, who transforms into a gorilla. Other notable Maximals include Cheetor, who transforms into a cheetah, Rhinox, who transforms into a rhinoceros, and Rattrap, who transforms into a rat.

In addition to their animal forms, the Maximals also possess unique personalities and abilities. For example, Rhinox is a skilled engineer and strategist, while Cheetor is known for his speed and agility.

The Maximals have since appeared in various Transformers media, including comic books, video games, and toy lines. They remain a popular and beloved faction among fans of the franchise.