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Our website covers a wide variety of Original G.I. Joe artwork. When producing a comic book page there are many processes that the Art goes though before it is actually published and our website offers G.I. Joe Artwork from these various stages.

Ink pages are pieces of Art that are created on reproductions of the original pencil work, which are then inked by various artists. More often than not, the inks are done directly on the original penciled page but in these cases there are two pieces of original art that make up the final published piece; the penciled page and the separate inked page.

We offer originally inked pages from issues of the 2010 G.I. Joe Convention Program Edition 2010 Convention Exclusive, titled “G.I. Joe Vs Cobra”. Natalie Poole, Flint, Cobra and others can be found on these affordable pieces of original art on our website.

ink G.I. Joe

Inked G.I. Joe Pages

In some cases the inking process is skipped entirely and the colors are done digitally right over the pencil scans. In these cases the final pieces of original artwork results in very fine detailed penciled lines, which make an extraordinary piece of original artwork. An example of this type of work can be seen in this piece for the GI Joe Club Exclusive #1 “Ambush in the Swamp” cover. Written to tie in with the Wave 4 exclusive figures available at the G.I. Joe Club shop, Falcon, Outback, Airtight, Night-Viper, Munitia, COBRA Officer, and Python Patrol Copperhead are all featured in this issue. Including bullets and guns , this action packed cover makes for a true collectible masterpiece for any G.I Joe collection.

G.I. Joe Pencil Covers

G.I. Joe Pencil Covers


Along with the pages of the actual published comic books, our website also offers customers a chance to have custom art work commissioned by actual artists to allow them to create anything their hearts desire. Passionate collectors can have commission pieces of their favourite G.I Joe action figures and have those childhood memories brought to life by the talented artists we have available. The stunning portraits of the Night Viper and Techno Viper that we have displayed in our galleries are perfect examples of how we can create a unique piece of artwork that truly captures the feel of your favorite G.I Joe action figures.

gi joe Viper Art

G.I  Joe Viper Art

Once your piece is finished there is also the option of having your 11×17 custom piece of artwork digitally colored. This allows you to have the original penciled, inked piece of artwork and then a digital copy of the finalized color work. We have a list of official comic book colorists who can add the most amazing colors to your piece, exactly as the official comic books are created. You will have your own pieces of Personalized Artwork, Personally Customized.

Whether you want your classic action figures drawn to fight alongside you and your friends or if you want to bring to life the perfect comic book crossover,

Transformers Devastator Destro

Transformers Devastator Destro

we have the professional talent to fit any project.

Contact us here to start your project today.

If you are looking for even more G.I. Joe traditional box art images and toys, please check out our friends the 3D Joes Website. This site is dedicated to preserving the sculpt and package art of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero through interactive 360 photography and digital photo restoration.

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