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Unrealbooks is an online store that runs primarily out of Toronto Canada. However, we ship our original artwork out from various artists’ locations around the world. Just as we started collecting and selling comic books  back in the early 80’s, in the late 90s we turned to original art from the pages of the comics we read as kids. Buying pages in bulk from artists at conventions allowed us to gain a nice stock of pages that we wanted to offer to our customers. After a few years on the major auction sites, we decided to venture off onto our own domain and brought forth Unrealbooks.com.

The site also began to offer personalized commissions from the artists we had made friendships with at conventions. After a few years, offering professional graphic designs had become a major focus of the website. From personalized commissions to production artwork we have become a great source for getting professional artwork in a friendly environment and for a wide variety of needs. Please check out what our site has to offer and email us with any of your concerns or questions. If there is something you want created, we have the talent and resources to see it come to life.



At Unrealbooks we have been collecting and selling comic book related items for over 30 years. It was about 15 years ago that we took the turn from  collecting and selling comic books to the selling of Original Comic Book Art Pages. With ebay and online stores becoming more popular, comic books were not as hard to find anymore and they were not as rare as they once were.  Values were dropping and the numbers of titles published were also climbing. Original art seemed a much more unique item to turn to, as each piece is a true, one of a kind.

At first it was simply a matter of picking up pages that caught our eye from the comics we loved. Then others started asking us to pick up pieces for them at local conventions. Along with local customers others further away also become interested.

Since a lot of local artists were only selling their pieces here in Toronto, we found buyers for these pieces on ebay and other online sites in the global market that was now available. With our experience, customers were more willing to pay for one of a kid art then the regular comic book issues themselves.  So this was the road we started to ravel upon. As fees started to get a bit higher for online stores, in 2002 we opened our own Unrealbooks website and listed all of the pages we had. With an assortment of Marvel, DC and Elvira pages we were on our way and the site grew from there.  It the days ahead a lot of changes took place, stay tuned and we will tell you how a site with not a single piece of Transformers art become a site with one of the largest selections of Original Art Pages for these Robots in Disguise.

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