Commissioned Wolverine Art.

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Back in the 90s when I was attending a local comic convention in Toronto I met the artist Dave Ross. He was working on a bunch of Marvel comics back then and I really loved the work he did on the Marvel Comic Presents issues. He did a series with Wolverine and the Hulk and used some of the Toronto landscape in his work. He must have done over 100 Marvel titles and those issues along with some Punisher War Journal issues were really memorable to me. He was a great guy to talk to and did these commissions for me over that summer.

I don’t have a lot of original art left from those  days, but I did keep these pieces. I just could not part with them. Something about talking with the artist while he draws the piece and really getting to hear their ideas and thoughts on the process was a great experience and just looking at these pieces brings me back to those days. It was an experience to really enjoy those comic books , then meet the artist and then have him draw those characters for your own personal collection. I still catch up with him at the Toronto shows from time to time and his work still rings true. Hopefully sooner than later the convention will once again open up and I can get back to adding some custom piece to my collection.

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