Original Art: Forgotten Realms Crystal Shard

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We added some new art work from the Forgotten Realms Crystal Shard (2006) Comic Books. The story was done by R.A. Salvatore, Andrew Dabb and the artwork we have was done by Val Semeiks. The pages we added to the site feature the Drow Drizzt and have him in a few signature poses with his cloak and double swords. These are not inked pages but are the full penciled pieces. The detail in the characters is fantastic. The scenes are filled with shading and depth that is sometimes lost in the colouring process. However the blood sure jumps out a  lot more in the colour version. There is a real D&D feeling to these pieces and we think fans will be interested to have a look. Hopefully we will be adding more to the site in the weeks ahead from these comics.

Forgotten Realms with Drizzt

Color Version Drizzt

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