Transformers: Ultra Magnus Armor, Custom Commission.

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Here is one of our current custom commissions that we set up for a true Transformers fan. Becoming a unique piece of art and a great gift all at the same time, we used a few photos for the physical references and then added elements of the legendary Ultra Magnus and brought together a striking piece of artwork. Ultra Magnus was the commander of Autobot City. At a time when  Optimus Prime vanished, Magnus travelled to Earth and became the leader of the Autobots. It was during this command that they formed Metroplex as another city to live in for the Autobots.  From the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon to the  the pages of the Marvel UK future timelines and many others in-between, Ultra Magnus can be found through the Transformers history and is a icon among these Robots in disguise.

Original art was done in pencil and ink and then the colors were finished digitally.  Suiting up in your favorites Autobot’s armor never looked so good.  A special thanks to artist Livio Ramondelli for bringing to life this stunning piece of artwork.  Whether you are looking to place yourself alongside your favorite heroes or you want to surprise that Uber fan we can bring to life your ideas. Fight alongside heroes of legend or have entirely new characters created for your needs, simply send us off a message with your ideas and we will help you with a quote and start you off on the process of something truly amazing.

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus

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